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The name Cimafunk derives from the mixture of two concepts that define the artist «Cima» of Cimarrón, rebel slaves who led a life of freedom and «Funk» Musical style born in the United States of America in the 1970s as black popular music derived from the soul and influenced by jazz.
A pilgrim in search of new musical miscegenation and the reunion of black music. He believes in nothing but the power of Groove and the cathartic communion of dancing bodies. A Renaissance man, aware of his roots and musical ancestry, Cimafunk’s music looks firmly towards the future.

Desde el inicio me tome realmente en serio la identidad visual de mi proyecto. Gracias a la experiencia de mi colega Daniel Plutín en el diseño logramos la forma que queríamos de una manera fluida divertida y muy profesional."

CimafunkErick Alejandro