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Branding design to Connect People

Boost your business with a visually designed identity for success. Discover how by requesting a personalized quote to start your transformation.

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Even an excellent product or service can be outclassed by a lower quality one that communicates more clearly.

I want them to listen to you and understand you... Companies that simplify their message and transmit it coherently manage to grow their business. I can help you create a brand that expresses itself in a simple and relevant way, so that its imagery is easily built into the public's consciousness.

1. Request a quote


Get an estimate for communication and design concept, marketing strategy, visual identity design and applications. Fill in the form and receive a quote within 24 hours.

2. Branding and Communication


We will define your message and brand DNA in line with your purpose. We will give meaning and coherence to each design detail to convey its essence with impact.

3. Grow your business


Implement a marketing plan tailored to your goals. Develop and automate features on your website. Make advertising videos and design and print your merchandising.

Hello !!! Soy Daniel

I believe that in life you get what you want when you help others get what they want. The way I manage to apply this concept is by designing brands that tell a story, in mine, you are the protagonist and in yours, it will be your clients.

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It’s time to express your message and win the trust of your customers.

For your users to decide to pay for your services, your brand needs to generate enough trust. Aligning what you think, feel and say with what you do is essential to achieve it. Thanks to design and marketing we can transmit the message with coherence, consistency and perseverance so that you are perceived efficiently.

Corporate identity

Naming, Slogan, Logo, Icons, Graphic support, Corporate Support, Brand Book, Signage

Web design

Domain, Hosting, Email, Lead Magnet, Integration with: Google, Payment gateways, Mailchimp, Facebook ADS

Editorial design

Cover of Books, Magazines, Digital Presentations, Catalogs, Flyers, Business Cards

Interior design

Branding in spaces, 3d Rendering, Interior Design Projects, Stands and Window Design

Product Image

Illustration, Label Design, Graphics for Packaging and Merchandising


Campaign Concept, Visual Identity, Poster, Promo Video, Animations

Desde el inicio quise tener una marca que acompañara mi carrera artística. Considero muy importante la identidad visual y me lo tome realmente en serio. Gracias a la experiencia de Daniel Plutín en el diseño logramos la forma que queríamos de una manera fluida divertida y muy profesional."

"CIMAFUNK"Musician Artist

Tuve la suerte de realizar el diseño del Logo de mi compañia audiovisual Oscar Films con Daniel y realmente puedo decir que el objetivo de representar mi identidad superó mis expectativas. Super profesional, creativo y buena persona. Se los recomiendo a todos

Oscar FilmVideo Production

Trabajar con Daniel Plutín ha sido todo un placer para esta estación online Radio Latin Cuba radicada en España. El trabajo de diseño ha sido exquisito por su parte, siempre pensado en lo que desea el cliente y sobre todo viendo en el resultado final los deseos cumplidos. Bien recomendado por nosotros para cualquier trabajo de diseño que desees hacer. Design Daniel Plutin. siempre estará a tu servicio...

Ernesto Chavez / DJ TIKKODirector Proyecto Radio Latin Cuba.

Daniel is one of the most talented and realiable designers I've ever met. His is also a very open minded person and a great teamplayer.

Mabel MachadoJournalist

Daniel es un gran profesional, creativo y con gran conocimiento de diseño y branding. Tras varios años trabajando juntos es un placer poder siempre contar con su experiencia, creatividad y vision en cada proyecto. Si busca un diseñador creativo y con experiencia Daniel Plutin es esa persona.

Carlos GervetDigital Marketer- Front End Developer at ZUITON

DanielPlutín es en excelente ser creativo, diseñador y emprendedor. Después de muchos años de trabajo juntos es muy difícil destacar algunos de sus tantas habilidades, cualidades y experiencias, como profesional y amigo.

"Tinti" NodarseGraphic Designer

Frequent questions

How can I know if I am communicating the purpose of my business or organization well?

Download the free PDF and check if your messages respond to the proposed structure. If you need help, request a quote and I will help you step by step to structure your brand story.

Can I hire just the logo design?

Yes! Likewise, before designing the logo, it is necessary to define the message that you want to convey to the public. It would also be good to define a possible slogan that accompanies it and describes its proposal. Therefore, I recommend investing in the global visual identity of the brand rather than just the logo.

Can I hire the communication concept and the design of an advertising campaign?

Yes! Whether you are about to launch a new product or service on the market or hold an event, I can help you with the communication strategy and the image of the campaign.

What is a Brand Book or brand manual?

The Brand book or Brand Manual is included in the identity design projects in order to guide the behavior of all the visual elements that make up the brand. With it, it is possible to maintain consistency and the correct perception of the brand in all its applications over time.

After completing the project, can I delegate the management and maintenance of the website?

After designing the web, you can rest easy by delegating the management and maintenance of the site. In addition, there will be the advantage of continuing to add content and functionality as your needs develop with better prices.


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