Daniel Plutín Amigó

Creative concept thinker and creator of quality designs

I am a graphic designer from Havana, Cuba based in Rome. For me design is very important since it opens the possibility of interacting with people. Mostly I create brands and finds it very exiting to create a concept for a product or a company and to traduce the important values and ideas into images and emotions. I feel the design as a positive connection with society, tell stories, create emotions and provoke feelings.
When designing, I always try to focus on the main idea for communicate the essentials and the really important facts to the consumer.

Degree in Graphic Design in 2010 at the Institute Superior of Design of Havana, Cuba (ISDI). I have worked for academic and cultural institutes, technology and environmental organizations, government organizations and ONGs. Experienced creating corporate brands, visual identity, infographics, image for events, production of promotional items.